Hey all. How’s your week going so far? I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday (Not that I’m complaining. Two days till the weekend woop woop!) So since today is #womancrushwednesday, I’m going to talk about one of my absolute favourite female artists; Toni Braxton. I love love her music! I think it’s safe to say in my book, Toni is second only to Sade!

I’ve been a Toni fan for AGES and I have most of her discography. Her songs are timeless. You can listen to her music over and over again without getting bored. She’s from that era when music actually had meaning you know? So, without further ado, let me share with you my top ten Toni Braxton favourites. Enjoy!

Breathe Again


You’re Making Me High

I remember my mom once caught me singing this out loud and asked me what TF I was singing hahaha. I don’t remember what I mumbled back. I was quite young when this song came out so it wasn’t exactly age appropriate and I had no idea what those lyrics really meant! 😆  But….that pizza delivery guy though…damn… 😛  😛


Hands Tied

Toni on some BDSM sounding tip here. Loving people with her hands tied *wink, wink*


Seven Whole Days

Toni’s earlier albums are just the best. This is one of my favourite songs of hers. Also, I only realised a few weeks ago that those back up singers are her sisters!


I said I love you

This is my favourite Toni and Babyface duet. I know I’m not the only fan who DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WHHHHHHY these two never hooked up. Why guys? You’re perfect for each other! Come on. Time is running out. You’re both in your 50s now. You both keep marrying and divorcing other people but hello? How about you give each other a go? Pleeeeeeeeeease?? Your chemistry over the years is undeniable. We’ll beg if we have to!

Hurt You

Mmmm one of my favourites from Love, Marriage & Divorce. That’s actually a great album. One of those where you actually don’t skip over any songs when listening to it.


Give You My Heart

I love how young they were here. That chemistry was already there! Ugh man! I wish I could somehow get these two together, I really do! Because Birdman? Ugh! Akhant!


Just be a man about it

I believe this is the national anthem for a lot of women out there  😆 


The Heat

This is still a hot summer jam!


Long As I Live

Great song and great video. This is from her latest offering, Sex & Cigarettes. The whole album gives me ‘old Toni’ vibes which I love! (Also, I’m here for looking like this when you’re 50!)


I could of course post another ten favourite Toni songs but I have to show some restraint and stick to the ten I said I’d share with you guys. Fellow Toni B fans, which are your favourite songs of hers and why?


  1. I love, love, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEE Toni! Toni, Whitney and Mary J are my most iconic female artists. They speak my very soul, I’ve lived most of their songs and been saved by listening to most of their songs, they have literally given me strength. Sando dzavo!

  2. its Wednesday so I can crush on Toni right ?
    I think my all time favourite track is either Unbreak my heart or is it Spanish Guitar I forget….. there’s something similar about them

      • yeah but then there’s BIRDMAN isnt he married to her yet?????? lol I dont even understand what they could possibly talk about even lol

  3. Heheheh, Toni never held back. I’m a bit too young to have really enjoyed her music in real time but whenever I go DJing there is usually a tearful much older lady requesting for that Toni. Lol

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