The Doppio Zero at Sandton City is easily one of my favourite food spots. A trip to Joburg is never complete without at least one breakfast or lunch stop there. Besides the fabulous menu, I also love the ambience and the efficient and friendly staff. The location is great and I like to sit at one of the window tables, dig in and people watch 😃

My favourite things to have there are the Thai Chicken Salad (succulent pieces of chicken, lashings of sweet chilli sauce and fresh greens) and the Doppio breakfast (which is hard to finish because it has everything in it 😋) I’m also partial to a good steak and their steak, chips and bone marrow is a favourite. They bring you the marrow in its bone and I kid you not, the bone is literally the size of my arm!!

Steak, chips and bone marrow😋

Doppio breakfast 😋


Yummy yummy in my tummy. The virgin mojito😋

I need to make sure I set aside a night or two to really check out their bar menu (for review purposes only, of course 😉). I’ve only had their mocktails, the virgin mojito being my favourite. It is really, really good. So much so, you can almost taste the non_existant alcohol!

All in all, this restaurant slash bakery slash bar is a firm favourite. I highly recommend it and know you won’t be disappointed. If you have been to the other Doppios dotted around the country, do tell of your experience/s in the comments section below.



Rating out of 10

Location: 10

Ambience: 10

Service: 10

Food: 10



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