Right. Today I want to talk about personal space. One day, I was at the supermarket by the yoghurt section. This lady comes up behind me and starts checking out the yoghurt shelf as well. What’s wrong with that you may ask? Well, nothing except she was practically standing on top of me! I could hear her breathing! I just turned around and gave her the dirtiest look I could! Why do people do that though? There’s so much space all around but for whatever reason, someone wants to be all up in my personal space. I find that extremely annoying. There are also those people who just like randomly touching others. Like what’s that all about? I am actually generally quite a “touchy-feely” person but unless you’re my mother, husband/boyfriend, child or really close friend, DO NOT TOUCH ME!

6358615898682533131380911688_201504_1528_icagb_smI remember this one incident when I almost lost it. I was in a boutique and one of the sales ladies fell in love with my box braids (which were dope I must admit). Did she not just come up to me and stick her hand in my hair! I think her guardian angel was working overtime that day because all I did was quickly move my head out the way and give her a dirty look. Not that she got the message. She keep going on about how lovely my braids were and how she can never find someone to do hers that nicely. Her colleague read the situation though and quickly said “Musangobata misoro yevanhu, vamwe havazvifarire” (Don’t go touching people’s heads, some people don’t like it).

PSI_largeThen there those people who think standing in a queue is the perfect excuse to rub up against you. Ewwww! We’re standing in a queue for goodness sake. Pushing me with your pot-belly is NOT going to get you to the till any faster! I remember there was a day my mom got so annoyed  with this man. She would move, he would move. She gave him dirty looks hoping he’d realise what he was doing but nope, he completely ignore her. She ended up asking him what his story was and he quipped “Ah, ko munoshamisira chiiko musingadi kugumwa?” (What’s so special about you that you don’t want physical contact with others?) Yeaaah. Wow.

Proxemics is the study of human spacial requirements and the effects thereof on behaviour, communication, and social interaction (so you see, it’s not just me being fussy, it’s actually a thing!😜). In Proxemics, the below diagram is used to gauge the effect of distance on behaviour and communication. Image source: Wikipedia

Of course they’re not saying walk around with a tape measure and measure your distance from other people all day long. All they’re saying is just be cognisant of the fact that some people, like me, don’t like their personal space invaded. I’d like to believe that most “invaders” out there are genuinely clueless about this habit. Just keep in mind that some people don’t mind or even notice personal space invasion and that some do.

Image source: http://explosm.net

Have you guys ever had interesting cases of personal space invasion? Do let me know about them in the comments section below!

Ciao! 😘


  1. Very profound remarks there….and the writting keeps u glued to the end….

    • Tina Yvonne-Michelle Reply

      Thank you for reading! 🙂

  2. Kudzidza hakupere…vamwe vanenge vachida kudya wo ma half🤣

    • Tina Yvonne-Michelle Reply

      Haaa kana yave yekudya ma half yave imwewo agenda hehehehe

  3. These days its actually worse with the plastic money and Ecocash thing. Some people lean towards you when you put in your pin at the till. I so hate that!

    • Tina Yvonne-Michelle Reply

      Exactly! People should just respect personal space please!

  4. I remember once walking in town and this lady wanted to pass by me, maybe I wasn’t moving fast enough or I was in her way, but long story short she snaked her arm around my waist and put me paside so she could pass. I felt quite violated maiwe!!!! I didn’t care that it was a woman, that was a very intimate sort of gesture and I didn’t know her from Eve, TF!? I was so shocked hey, my jaw actually dropped! Lol! Yeah that’s just one of those examples of space invaders. I don’t like people’s random paws on me unless they have my permission, my reaction is usually violent and quick. (Sigh)

  5. I hate people in my bubble!!! Sometimes I get anxious in grocery stores when there are too many people in there just because I know there is a better chance of them bumping me. This is only occasionally though. Sometimes I can be in a big crowd and not be bothered by it. But I still prefer people to stay in their bubble and out of mine!

    • I absolutely agree! It’s weird though how some people don’t seem to mind at all. I on the other hand, really don’t want people in my space.

      Thanks for stopping by to read! 🙂

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