In recent years, there seems to have been a surge in the appreciation of men with beards. I’ve always been captain of the #BeardGang so I’m glad other women have FINALLY seen the light. In fact, I love hairy men. Hairy arms. Hairy chest. Thick eyebrows. Nice full, connecting beard. Yummy!  😛  😛  😛  😛  Anyway, since November has just started, I thought I’d do a little something on the Movember and No Shave November movements and what they’re all about.


First of all, I had no idea that No Shave November and Movember were two different things. I always thought they were different names for the same thing. All I knew was, every November, we get to see guys growing out their beards. According to, Movember’s mandate is to focus on men’s  overall health.  Their aim is to address some of the biggest health issues faced by men. Chief among them are prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Check out the below clip from the Movember Foundation on what the Movember movement is all about.

No Shave November

No Shave November on the other hand, focuses on cancer awareness. But what really is the point of growing out one’s hair during this awareness month? What does it mean? According to the No Shave November website, the goal of the campaign is for men to grow awareness by embracing their hair which is something that many cancer patients lose. The below diagram from the same website sums up the concept, rules and how to get involved.


So. In a nutshell. Both movements are to raise awareness and fund raise for men’s health issues. Both movements make the most noise annually in November (although obviously work is being done throughout the year). No Shave November is about growing out a full beard whilst Movember is about growing a moustache. I think both initiatives are fabulous as men generally don’t like talking about their health issues. Movements like this will hopefully help them to open up more and take charge of their health.

I hope you guys learnt one or two things about these movements. Be sure to check out the websites (highlighted in pink in the post)  for even more information. 

Share this post with all the men in your lives so they can also get involved in these very worth causes! Happy No Shave November and Movember!


  1. Interesting post and subject, that’ for sharing this with us. I think both women and men should leave their body hair alone. I wrote a post about body hair in women 🙂

  2. I definitely didn’t know this was the reason behind the movement, so thanks for sharing! Wonder if the guys know lol

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  4. interesting post didnt know the difference.mmh does the beard gang know

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