A few people I know have rolled their eyes at me at least once after I’ve lectured them about trying to negotiate with vendors. You will find a vendor selling fruit or vegetables on the side of the road for let’s say $5 and someone will try to negotiate that price downwards to $3. Let’s really take a moment to think about why we do that, always trying to negotiate their prices downwards. Will that $1 or $2 really make a difference to your wallet? Come on, be honest, will it REALLY?? Do we ever take the time to think about this from the poor vendor’s point of view? He or she is most probably making a profit of a dollar (if he’s lucky) from each sale. These people wake up at ungodly hours, whilst most of us are still in lala-land, so that they can go and order their fruit and veggies from farms far and wide. They are simply trying to make an honest living and keep their heads above water.

I think the bully in most of us comes out when we are interacting with these vendors. We know they are desperate and are likely to accept whatever little money we offer them in exchange for their hard work. I’m always shocked, saddened and rather miffed when I hear people telling each other that the best time to buy anything from vendors is at the end of the day. Why? Because at the end of the day they will be desperate to get rid of their stock at any price. Really guys? Really? Come on. We can do better as human beings. A little more empathy towards our fellow human beings is not a lot to ask is it? Look, I’m not saying we should just accept any pricing no matter how ridiculous it might be. But surely, we must realise that these people want to make an honest living. They are not out there robbing and conning people. The least we can do is try to support them where we can, yes?

This vid really makes you think…

So next time you decide to buy fruit or vegetables or wire toys or whatever from a vendor, think about where he’s coming from and the amount of hard work he has put into whatever he is selling before you try to get that “bargain”. That dollar you try to knock of his price doesn’t really mean much to you but it may be the difference between a meal and an empty stomach for his children at home.

Think about it.

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