Yes, yes. I know this is the #BOTY (BEST Of The Year) blogging challenge but rules are meant to be broken and I’m breaking them for today  😈 😈 ) Also, I honestly can’t remember eating anything different or outstanding this year. So. A few months ago, my friend and I had a brunch date. We wanted to check out the Grill Shack, located at Avondale Shopping Centre. It was still relatively new at that time. When we got there, they told us we could only get sandwiches as they did not serve proper breakfast. Bummer. We really wanted breakfast food and so the sammies were not going to cut it. Bacon had to be on our menu and so Cafe Nush was crossed off the list of alternatives as they don’t serve pork products. I also didn’t want to drive too far because fuel. I really was trying to think of other places we could get breakfast food for brunch in the vicinity. I was trying to avoid Pariah Avondale as I’d had mediocre experiences there before but alas. That seemed to be the only choice we had at that time. Little did I know I was about to experience my worst meal of 2018!

When we got there, I think there were at most two or three tables occupied. We sat down and the waitress gave us our menu. She didn’t seem very knowledgeable about what was on their menu. We gave up asking her to help us with juice selection (on paper, they do have an interesting range of juice mixes). I ended up ordering something with carrot juice which turned out to be the best thing out of the whole meal!

Our breakfast finally came. And boy oh bot was it a sight to behold! I had specifically asked for my eggs to be well done but they were running like a two-year old’s nose in June. Everything looked greasy except the sausage which looked as dry as a rusk. There was this greasy looking thing and I could not figure out what it was. I assumed it may have meant to be a hash brown. In any case I didn’t touch it. The mushrooms were just really very dodgy looking. I very much wanted to send everything back but then I thought about the horror stories we see on TV about what goes on in restaurants when customers complain about food. I decided to stick it out. The food tasted worse than it looked. I ate the egg whites, the toast, the bacon and half the sausage. I left everything else.

Horror of horrors!
My gin Cosmo 🙄

We were so disappointed with the food we decided to drown our sorrows with some cocktails (yes, cocktails for brunch, leave us alone  😛 ) It was after 11 a.m. and the bar was open **happy dance** Well, that happy dance did not last long. My friend ordered a mojito and I ordered my signature drink, a Cosmo. Guys. Guys. Guys. My cosmo came and I eagerly took a long sip. Did I taste that yummy cranberry, vodka-ry Cosmo taste? No. What did I taste? Gin! GIN! I hate gin! And they used gin not vodka. Like wtf?? Now, I know my cocktails and I am aware that one can make a cosmo with gin but that is NOT the norm. That is referred to specifically as a gin cosmo. If we are talking about cosmos, the default spirit to use is vodka. Period.



At this point, we were just so over the whole horrid experience we paid and left. I wish that was the end of it but alas. On my way home, I saw a reasonable fuel queue and decided to join it as it seemed nice and orderly. About 30 minutes of waiting, did I not start to feel nauseous and my tummy was getting sore. The queue was moving fast and so I waited for a few more minutes, got my fuel and went straight home. I couldn’t even get my car into the garage. I just parked in the driveway and ran straight to the bathroom. I threw my guts up. Projectile vomiting at its finest. I hadn’t had such a violent vomiting episode in a looong while. This was on a Saturday. I spent the whole of Sunday in bed. I was still feeling off on Monday and so I went to the doctor who said I had had some food poisoning (surprise surprise). Needless to say, you will never see this my little size 3 foot finding its way to Pariah Avondale again. Nope! 

This however, is not to discredit all Pariah’s. I used to absolutely love Pariah Avondale when they were still on the opposite side of King George road. Their food, cocktails and service were great! I don’t know what happened to them when they moved. I hope they pull up their socks soon. Pariah Victoria Falls is absolutely great. The food is lovely and they know their cocktails lol. In fact, keep watching the Reviews tab for my review of Pariah Vic Falls.

What was your most memorable food experience of 2018? (Good or bad, we’re breaking them rules remember  😉 ) 


  1. Yesssss! That experience is only beaten by that other restaurant we went to for ZOL Restaurant Week a few years ago, kuma avenues, was it The Pointe?

    • Dude! Those Pariah peeps wanted to kill us! At least Pariah Vic Falls redeemed the brand for me. Their food and service is the polar opposite!

      As for The Pointe…WTF was that? LOL. I wonder if that place is even still open? I’m surprised we didn’t get sick!

  2. Aww, that sucks. I hate when I am excited for a meal and it taste different to what I imagined.

    • I know right? Even worse when you end up getting sick!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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