The other day, a couple of parents in one of the WhatsApp groups I’m in were voicing their concern over the types of cartoons their children are exposed to on Cartoon Network. They were complaining that, amoung other things, a lot of these cartoons are rather suggestive and have questionable messages. The conversation then moved on to the cartoons we used to watch as kids. Yes, there were some where when you watch them now as an adult, you kind of raise your eyebrows at what is being said. However, those were very few and very far between. So anyway, it being Throwback Thursday today, I decided to take you all down memory lane (well, at least those of you who are my age mates  😛 ) and talk about my favourite 80s and 90s cartoons!

 1. I’m going to start with one of my favourites. I know a lot of people are going to be horrified that I loved this cartoon but I did. The theme song was, and still is dope! It is……drum-roll…..Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea! This was one bad-ass cartoon! I really don’t understand why people hated it so much. I loved it! Maybe people failed to understand what was going on? It was quite clear to me though. Anyway, it rocked!


2.  Defenders of the Earth was another favourite of mine. I still know the theme song word for word! **hides**


3. Visionaries I absolutely loved. 


4. Earth’s most powerful soldiers, are earth’s last chance to fight the Spiral Zone
Darkness, has fallen, on the victims of the zone
Our world, calls for courage, peace and freedom we must own

Who remembers singing along to the Spiral Zone theme song? 


5. As you may or may not have picked up, I liked all the action packed cartoons. Therefore, Saber Rider has to be on my list of faves!


6. She Ra & He Man

You really can’t talk about favourite 80s and 90s cartoons without mentioning these two siblings. You just can’t.


7. I was really really young, probably a bit older than a toddler when Rainbow was on but it was one of my favourites. This clip was recorded by the cast and the crew as a joke though. They were never actually this rude and suggestive…or were they? Mmmm….


8.  If ever there was a person who survived on luck alone, it was Mr, Magoo! 


9. Count Duckula. I absolutely loved this . It was just too funny!


10. The OG Inspector Gadget!


11. Remember Pingu? Never understood his gibberish but it was still a fave!


12. Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere…It’s so weird how I can still remember all the lyrics to most of these cartoon theme songs. As a child, I remember really wishing I could get my hands on some gummi-berry juice!


Last but not least; Voltron: Defender of the Universe! I mean, are you even an 80s or 90s kid if you didn’t love Voltron? Remember when you were watching it with your friends and Voltron is forming? At the end everyone shouted “…and I’ll form the head”!! After that you just felt like yaaassss, the enemy is going to learn today!! Haha, good times man, good times!


I really had fun YouTubing all these old cartoons. Brought back some childhood memories 😛 I could add a dozen other favourites. TaleSpin, the Racoons, The Moomins, Teddy Ruxpin, Captain Planet, Pound Puppies, Darkwing Duck etc. They all made my days after school as a child.

Did you grow up in the 80s or early 90s? What were your favourite cartoons and why?


  1. Dungeons and Dragons, Huckleberry Finn, Duck Tales, Chipmunks, Transformers, Dodo, Power Rangers, TMNT, Casper, Voltron, Talespin, Conan, Bravestar, Flintstones, Baby Follies, Popeye, Danger mouse, Vigul, Pink Panther, Funny Company, Baby Hughey, Smurfs, Fat Albert, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Mr Magoo

    I loved those cartoons, I still love them and yes now I’m one of the parents who are NOT impressed with the calibre of cartoons these days. I can’t deal!

  2. Bravestar
    Tales from the crypt keeper
    Sinbad the sailor
    Bob in a bottle
    and although this was not a cartoon Worzel Gummidge

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