Mondays are hard for a lot of us. Going back to work requires a good amount of effort and determination. For me, listening to some good music on Sunday night and on the Monday morning helps me to psych myself up for the day. This really works for me. I’m a music lover anyway and so music helps me work through a lot of things.

Those who follow me on Twitter will know that I occasionally do music threads where I’ll be sharing my favourite music from a certain artist or genre. Instead of doing random twitter threads, I have decided to make this a weekly occurrence. Therefore, every Monday from today, there will be a music related post for you guys to enjoy. Make sure to follow the hash tag #MusicMondaysWithDimples so you keep up with all the posts!

Right. Today I want to talk about our music as Zimbabweans. What I want to know is whatever happened to our music industry here in Zim? There was a time when we had so much talent, so much potential and the best thing was the music was DIFFERENT. It had this “Zimbabwean flair”. The David Chifunyise, Chamhembe, Roy & Royce etc era. Now almost all our artists are trying to sound American or Nigerian smh. Maybe I just don’t listen to local radio that much anymore but we seem to have lost our musical talent somewhere along the line. Now. Before some of you jump down my throat, there certainly are some artists right now that are lifting the Zimbabwe flag high. Your ExQ’s, Buffalo Soldier, Winky D etc. But my point is, in my opinion, they are few and far between. Not nearly as many as many or as great as they could have been.

Anyway, below are some of the songs I have rediscovered and really love. Those who know me will be shocked at some of them 😂e.g. the John Chibadura & Simon Chimbetu ones 😁. 

Mateo. One of the greatest love songs methinks😍

This song is so weird for me because the voices used to annoy me the heck but for some reason I ended up loving it lol

Twins Roy & Royce reminding us to always thank God for our lives and what He has given us

Simon Chimbetu! I totally love this song! I think it’s the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday that amuses me


This is a really old Tuku song. Makes me think about my Dad and granny 🙁

John Chibadura. I had never really listened to the lyrics of this song…Got me feeling some type of way…

Well this is not urban grooves but you can’t have a list of favourite Zim songs without Tuku! This is my favourite Tuku song 🙂

Second favourite Tuku song

Ngoni Kambarami. I remember I used to work with his brother and he MADE SURE we all got a copy of Ngoni’s album lol. So we all ended up liking it.

Rocqui. I don’t know where it went wrong with this guy. He could have been something great. I just don’t get it…

Another Roy and Royce classic featuring Sani Makhalima. Where is Sani these days anyway?

This Sani tune used to burn up the airways! Usadaroooo!

David Chifunyise was one of the founding father fathers of Zim urban grooves and this song was THE song in its day! Back in the day us chicks used to think David was hawwwt!

Roy & Royce. Handirege!

I could go on and on but let me stop here or else this post will be way too long! Zimbos, which are your favourite Zimbabwean golden oldies/urban grooves? For my non-Zimbabwean readers, what do you guys think of our Zimbo music?


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  1. seriously what happened? This post brought back so many happy memories 😊 nostalgia on 💯

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