Hey all. As promised, today you will have the pleasure of laying your eyes on my top ten favourite female RnB groups. Just in case you missed last Monday’s post on my top ten favourite male RnB groups, you can check it out here

Do we still even have female groups these days? I’ve tried to think and literally no-one is coming to mind🤔 All these old school RnB ladies were just the bomb! What I love about them is that they seemed real you know, like they were comfortable with themselves and who they were. 

Anyhoo, let us jump right into the good stuff shall we?


I honestly couldn’t decide which Brownstone song to post. So I put my two favourite ones. You’re welcome 😛.

My heart is running low, whoa
I need a good man to fill me up
I need a good man to give me love

En Vogue

**Whispering** Can you believe I haven’t watch Set It Off yet? Shhhh…🤫 And yes I know, it’s 23 years later…I’ll get round to it soon enough! 


Love love SWV. I was so stoked when I got to see them live at the Cape Town Jazz Festival 3 years ago!


I’m gonna keep it real
How you make me feel
Boy you give me chills, baby
I’m gonna break it down
You just drive me wild
Whenever you’re around😜


One of THE best female music groups ever. Ever. EVERRR!! Of course, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t settle for one song. You get three!!

Red Light Special! I was a tween when this song came out. I remember the older people used to get annoyed with us playing it and we really didn’t understand why…Now I know 😁. Still a dope tune though.

Whenever I think of TLC, this is the first song that comes to mind. Definitely a favourite.



I LOVED these two gorgeous women. I honestly think they were the most underrated RnB duo!


I vaguely remember my friends and I trying to imitate these dance moves 😂. I don’t think we were very successful 😊.


Gorgeous chocolate women. Lovely song. What’s not to like?


Great collab with 112. Probably my favourite Allure song.


Destiny’s Child

As far as I’m concerned, The Writing’s On The Wall was Destiny’s Child best album. I like each and every song. One of those albums where you listen to everything and don’t skip any songs.

 And there you have it, my favourite female RnB groups. As always, great fun was had making this post. Who are your faves? Let me know in the comments section. 

Next Monday we continue with part 3 of the RnB Series. We will be checking out my favourite RnB male artists (solo). Until then, Ciao!

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  1. <3 thanks for this throwback! I forgot about some of these. Imagine my skinny ass trying to look like a woman in those baggy clothes lmao

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