By now, you may or may not have figured out that I’m a huge music lover 😄. Listening to the various types of music I like always has an impact on my mood and general well being. If I’m sad, I will listen to music that will either help uplift my mood or if I’m going through something, music that will make me feel whatever it is more intensely so that I quickly get over (I hope that makes sense). In as much as I have a WHOLE lot of music in my collection, I’m always excited to come across new artists and new music that tugs at my heartstrings.

The following 5 artists are not new in the industry and neither is their music new, but they are recent discoveries for me and I looove them. Enjoy!

Damien Escobar

Like I’ve said before, I love music, all types of music. However, the older I get, the more I realise that my favourite type of music actually has little to no lyrics. I find that more and more playlists of mine are made up of all types of jazz, classical music and instrumentals. I instantly fell in love with Damien’s music from the first second I heard it. That fusion of classical and R&B is just absolutely magical. MAGIC! There are no lyrics in his songs but honestly, he speaks to me more than a song with actual lyrics. Watching him play his violin, the passion exuding from him…wow. Just wow!

I can’t give you just one song. You get to listen to two! You’re welcome!


I first came across Sevdaliza’s song ‘Human’ on YouTube about a year ago and I was hooked from that moment onward. Bluecid is another favourite of mine and now you can enjoy it too 😊

Cleo Sol

I love love Cleo’s voice. Nice, crisp, clear, sexy and soothing. You really can’t help moving your hips when listening to her gorgeous music.


I’d like to say Gesaffelstein being on my list has nothing to do with his sexy French accent and the fact that he’s hot AF (nothing at all! 😇😇). I’m more inclined to like the songs where he’s doing a colabo with someone else. His own songs are pretty intense somehow. I particularly like this video for ‘Lost In The Fire’ which he did with The Weeknd. The way he is just chilling in the background (kinda looking like Abraham Lincoln lol) is just 👌🏾(You can check out the uncensored version on YouTube 😁).

Sauti Sol

Imagine. I only got to know about Sauti Sol probably a year or so ago. How crazy is that? Kuliko Jana was the first song I heard from these guys and there was no turning back. My favourite thing about this Kenyan group’s songs is that they are such great sing-a-long songs. You can’t help but exercise your vocal cords when listening to their music. They also make me want to learn Swahili quick, fast and in a hurry! Melanin and Short & Sweet are some of my other faves.

As usual, I’m always looking for new music to add to my playlists. By now you know what to do. Drop those suggestions in the comments section below. Ciao! 😉


  1. Gosh! Can’t believe only name I recognize here is Sauti Sol. And here I was thinking I am a music lover!!! Am off to update my Playlist. Keep them coming….

  2. 😊😊 There’s always new music to discover! Will definitely keep them coming. Thanks for stopping by!

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