Are you a musician or artist? Are you cracking your head, wondering how you are going to get your music out there, who is going to manage you and basically help launch you to success? Well, look no further! Mumhanzi Media is a Zimbabwe based media company and a force to recon with in Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Music Promotions, Artist Management, Social Media Consulting and Content Creation.

The company was formed in 2016. It was birthed out of a realisation that artists did not have enough knowledge on how to handle management in the music industry. 

How exactly will Mumhanzi Media be of use to you as an artist?

Sell your music on your own terms

There exists a culture of exploiting artists in Zimbabwe. For so long, we have taken their music, enjoyed and sang along, but never paid artists for their efforts. This is not a problem that has affected all genres in the same way. For instances, Sungura artists have generally been able to achieve financial success. The younger genres such as Hip Hop and Dance-hall have not been as successful. The reasons behind this are beyond the scope of this release.

We are excited to extend an invitation to all artists to submit their music for consideration and listing on Zim Music Store. Our team of developers and digital marketers have been planning and working on this for a while. Our goal is to make it easier for fans across the nation and the world to access music, and pay artists for it.

What is Zim Music Store?

Zimbabwe Music Store is a modern music platform that allows artists to submit and list their music on our website for free or for sale. Our only rule is that we take a ridiculously low 10% fee to keep the lights on. How much you want to sell your music for, or to whom is left entirely up to you. We work on an advisory basis with all artists that come onto our platform. So far we have worked with GZE, Asaph, Mariachi Mzukuru, Fun_F, Buffalo Souljah to name but a few.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team works to make your and your brand more visible online. We always start by capturing your vision from you to make sure we embrace the ethos and become worthy representatives of it. We work together with artists to research and advise them as to how they can best implement marketing based on their targeted market.

Music Distribution

We are continuously building a wider distribution network for artists. A distribution deal with Zim Music Store guarantees that all your future releases will be made available on iTunes, CDBaby, Google Play, Amazon Music, Our site among others. We have only signed off 1 of the 5 distribution contracts that we plan to seal this year. Artist are welcome to get in touch.

Music Licensing/Publishing

This is a one of our two new services. We work with artists that we feel have the potential to be licensed. Our licensing team works by proposing the use of your material on various forms of media for a licensing fee that is paid to the artists. Areas we look into include, short films, TV ads, and so on. Our team is open to conversation in this regard. There are currently two ways that content will be accepted onto Zim Music Store, by artist submission or by invitation. Artist submission is where the artist or representatives submit the music to us. This can be done via our website In this case, the music is curated for quality. Having met the standard, it is then placed on our website.

In the event that an artist is invited to submit their music, we guarantee the first sale. What that means is that we pay the artist for the copy that they have submitted to us, as well as all subsequent sales that are made through our platform. Our website has over 6 gigabytes worth of free music to stream and to download. And a few projects to buy. This is something that we are looking to double this year.

Why work with us?

We are an artist centered platform, which means that we work to alleviate any issues and concerns that artists may have. This is done on an individual basis to suit your personal needs. We do not accept poorly made music onto our website, quality is of paramount importance to us.

You do not have to pay us anything upfront, unless you choose to. Our success is tied to yours, so we will always give you our best. We have a very low payment threshold of just $50. Your money will be paid to you via PayPal, EcoCash, TeleCash and so on.

Check out the Zim Music Store website here

If you would like more information about Zim Music Store and/or Mumhanzi Media, please contact Donovan or Levy at Zim Music Store on Facebook, Twitter or email at They are also reachable on +263 774 385 253 & +263 773 412 448.

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Some of the artists we have worked with. Buffalo Souljah, Asaph & Mariachi

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