I really am so annoyed with myself right now. I had planned to put up this post last week Monday (July 1st) in celebration of Canada Day  but I  somehow completely forgot. I should have just scheduled the post right? Anyway, I’m sure there are some Canadians still celebrating Canada Day and as such today’s Music Monday will be dedicated to my five favourite Canadian musicians (well, to be honest, I don’t think I know more than these five, but at least I like all of them 😁). 

Alanis Morisette

I used to love love Alanis and Jagged Little Pill was one of my favourite albums. I wonder what happened to her. Is she still making music? Her music was probably too intense for my high school self. I hadn’t listened to her music in YEARS but now as I listen, the lyrics are making so much more sense. I don’t even know what I thought I was listening to in high school 😂

I love this song. She was evidently pissed the heck! This song probably got me pissed off at my non-existent boyfriend back then  😁


I love Drizzy and that’s that on that.


As a teen, Avril was one of my favourites (Random fact: My dad almost named me Avril. Before I was born, he had a dream that my name was to be Avril. Don’t know he didn’t do it though 🤷🏾‍♀️). Haven’t heard much about her over the past several years. Is she still making music?

Justin Bieber

Biebs is nowhere near my favourite musicians list by a long shot. However, I love this DJ Snake song on which he happens to feature and so…he makes it onto this list 🙃

The Weeknd

I don’t have that many of the Weeknd’s music in my playlists but I like him enough for him to make it onto this list.


Nickleback is one of my favourite bands ever. Ever. EVER. And so, you shall get two of my favourite songs of theirs. You’re welcome 🙃.

And there you have it. My favourite Canadian musicians. (I know I have listed six artists but we’re really not counting Biebs 😀). Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Watch out for next week’s Music Monday. It’s going to be the first of a two part RnB series! 😜🎶🎼


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