Recently, my Naija family has been catching a lot of flack especially on social media. They are being accused of everything from selling drugs in South Africa to “stealing opportunities meant for black Americans” in America. Now, before people start hyperventilating in my comments section, I will be the first to admit that there certainly are some Nigerians that are giving the rest a bad name. I don’t doubt that there are those that are doing what they are being accused of. Recently there were also news reports of a whole operation of Nigerians that were busted for some huge scam ring or something to that effect.

What I don’t like though is this thing of painting a whole nation based on the actions of a minority. Unfortunately, it is usually the negative things that are magnified and amplified. Not all Nigerians are drug dealers and run prostitution rings. Not all South Africans are violent xenophobes. Not all Zimbabweans are…well, what ARE we accused of by the way?🤔

Anyway, today’s post is about some of my favourite Naija songs. To be honest, Nigerian music really is dominating the continent. In my humble opinion, Nigerians really helped to make us (the rest of the continent) see that we can make and enjoy music that is uniquely ours and enjoy it (in my opinion). We don’t have to mimic “Western” music for it to be considered to be good.

Which are your favourite Naija songs and artists? Let me know in the comments section. Enjoy!

Burna Boy – On The Low

Burna is the hottest African artist right now. Don’t argue with me. Thanks. Someone compared him to Fela. I personally wouldn’t go that far because guys. Fela. But. Burna is certainly doing all of the things right now. Love this song to bits.

Yemi Alade ft Rick Ross – Oh My Gosh

I love Yemi and her energy. She definitely works hard and it shows!

WizKid – Show You Money

This is such an old song but I remember how we used to get dowwwwn to it 😁

D’Banj – Oliver Twist

Another oldie we used to love! Whatever happened to D’Banj? Is he still making music?

Mr. Eazi – Leg Over

I loooove this song!

Tiwa Savage – All Over

Tiwa is doing the things man! This is one of my favourite songs of hers.

Tiwa Savage ft. WizKid & Spellz – Ma Lo

Still with Tiwa. This is one of my favourite Naija collabs.

Davido – If

One of the most successful artists on the continent no doubt. I also wouldn’t mind some “Thirty billion for the account io, Versace, Gucci for your body, o baby” 😁

P-Square – Personally

Yoooh! The Naija music founding fathers…or at least the guys who got me interested in it! The way my friends and I used to go mad over this song lol. Good times were had!

P-Square – Alingo

I remember we did a whole dance routine to this song at my friend’s wedding😁😁😁😁.

Burna Boy – Ye

Last but not least, another Burna Boy fave (and yes, I know I have 11 songs and not 10 today but whatevs 😛)

Love love this song too!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeeeeeeeah yeah!

Look out for the next #MusicMondaysWithDimples post. It will be on my favourite South African house music songs. They are after all, the undisputed Kings of House. Until then, ciao! 

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