Hey all. Welcome to today’s Music Monday with Dimples (that would be me 😜) First of all, I would like to apologise for the lack of a Music Monday post last week. If you’re an avid follower of world news, you will know things are not well here in my home country Zimbabwe. I won’t go into all that now but look out for a post in the near future on exactly that topic. 

Anyway. This past Wednesday, January the 16th, was the birthday of two of my favourite female musicians. Sade (the GOAT) and Aaliyah. Sade turned 60 and Aaliyah would have turned 40. Great birthday milestones for both. Those who know me or those who follow this blog, know how much I absolutely adore Sade and her music. I won’t go on and on about how much I love her here as I already have a post dedicated to her which you can check out here.

Thinking about Aaliyah really makes my heart sore. I wonder how she would have turned out. What kind of woman, what kind of artist would she be now? Would she still be as famous as she was just before she died? Unfortunately, we’ll never know. I am glad though, that she did get to share her art with us before her departure and that she gave me some of my favourite songs.

So, without further ado, as a way to say happy birthday to both laides, let me share 3 of my favourite Sade songs and 3 of my favourite Aaliyah songs. 


Sade – Cherish the Day


Aaliyah – Rock the Boat
I used to happily sing this song in high school without knowing what she was really singing about😂😂 

Sade – No Ordinary Love

Aaliyah – We Need A Resolution

Sade – Kiss of Life

Aaliyah – At Your Best
I think she did well with her cover of this Isley Brothers classic.

Are any of you big Sade or Aaliyah fans? Which are you favourite songs?

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