I really and truly don’t know why and how I have waited so long to do a Music Monday featuring Maxwell. Like…how?? I love love LOVE Maxwell. He is by far my favourite male artist. I love him almost as much as I love Sade. I remember in 2014 when he had a few concerts in South Africa. I was SOOO excited nothing was going to stop me from going. I was doing my Masters at that time and my lecturers decided to schedule my dissertation viva on exactly the same day as his Johannesburg concert. Guys. I was CRUSHED. I actually considered flying in and out of Joburg and lying that I had been ill 😂😂😂😂 Of course I ended up going for my viva but wow man. I was heart broken. I hope he comes back to these parts sometime soon.

Sexy. That’s what Maxwell’s music is. Sexy. His music is sexy without being crude you know? Ugh. I love it! I wonder how many babies he’s responsible for? 🤭🤭 I know I probably say this every Monday but this time I really REALLY did struggle to choose my favourite ten songs for you guys. I really did!

Anyhoo, here are my favourite top ten songs from Maxwell. Also, no apologies will be issued for the eargasms you are inevitably about to experience. Enjoy!

Bad Habits

This is probably my favourite music video of Maxwell’s songs. I looove Kerry Washington. Her and Maxwell just make a sizzling pair. I will now give you this time to go and get a glass of cold water. You will need it for the duration of this video…You’re back? Great. Now you can press play.


I looove this song! (Be prepared, I’m likely to say this about the next 8 songs too 😁). Max is aging well and looks sexy AF right now. However, I do miss that fro of his. I guess it’s not really age appropriate anymore though. Also, I have this song as my alarm on my phone 😁

 Fist of Tears

A bit of a sombre one this is. I read somewhere that Maxwell said this song was about a relationship that had ended in his life. Makes sense when you listen to the lyrics.

This Woman’s Work

I think this was one of the first song’s I heard from Maxwell that made me fall in love with his music. I later learnt that Max is not the original artist but honestly, he owned it. In my opinion, his version is infinitely better than the original.

Pretty Wings

Sad lyrics. But still a good song.

Til The Cops Come Knockin’

Baby.Making.Song! 👶🏾

Let’s not Play the Game

An oldie but a goodie. This is from the soundtrack of one of my favourite movies, The Best Man. Actually, that movie soundtrack has a lot of dope songs!

Sumthin’ Sumthin’

If it’s cool we can do a little sumthin’ sumthin'(do a little sumthin’ sumthin’)
Let me grove with you so we can kick a little
Sumthin’ sumthin’

I really wish these last two had music videos to go with them. I’m sure they would have been phenomenal. You can just close your eyes and lose yourself in the lyrics.

For Lovers Only

Suitelady aka The Proposal Jam

I have SOOO many other songs I want to post for you guys but yeah, let me stick to ten as always otherwise these posts will become waaay too long. I hope you enjoyed reading/listening to this post as much as I enjoyed making it! If anyone knows about any Maxwell concerts anytime soon, do let me know! I’m willing to catch flights! Also, I swear I’m marrying the person who takes me to a Maxwell and/or Sade concert!

Until next time. Ciao! 😘


  1. Maxwell!!! My flavor lol ! one of my faves not on your list is whenever, wherever, whatever absolutely love that song!!! and the fire we make hmmmm he’s too much

  2. He is a darn good artist.. However this is me, i think his an artist you can related in the winter and rainy season..😉🙊he just doesnt make sense in the summer😅

  3. He is a darn good artist .. however in my crazy mind his music makes sense during winter or rainy season….that mellow vibe aint no summer vibe😅

  4. He is a darn good artist .. however in my crazy mind his music makes sense during winter or rainy season….that mellow vibe aint no summer vibe😅

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