I finally managed to watch Crazy Rich Asians yesterday and I must say, I loved it! The story line is nothing out of the ordinary really. It’s your typical romcom. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Something temporarily comes between them. And then the inevitable happy ending. However, what I did like about it was the fact that the entire cast was Asian. It was an actual Asian movie (in English). I liked that because of the representation factor.

I would have gone on and on about representation here but I read somewhere that the movie was a bit of a flop at the Chinese Box Office. The article said that many people felt that it did not represent Chinese culture well and that it was basically too “Americanised”. I actually kind of understand what they mean though. If you look at Black Panther for example, Ryan Coogler did make an effort to research on several African tribes, their languages and their traditional attire.  (Click here to read my Black Panther review). I hope the producers will use this feedback in the sequel.

Anyway, back to my review. The various characters were great. I especially loved Peik Lin. We all need a crazy BFF like that! Nick’s mother  played her role really well so much so I ended up really disliking her in such a short space of time! The little side story about Astrid and her marriage also made for interesting watching. I hear there’s a Crazy Rich Asians sequel and I hope to see more of her story in that.

 One of my favourite scenes where Astrid is giving her soon to be ex husband a piece of her mind

 All in all, it’s a great feel good movie. If you’re looking for something to watch to help you relax and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, this is your movie!

Have you watched Crazy Rich Asians yet? If so, what did you think about it?

Nick Young played by Henry Golding

PS. I have never ever in my entire life looked at or even remotely thought of an Asian man in that way, but yeah, that Nick Young can get it! Hehehe 😜😜😜😜


  1. I found it….meh! And yes i attribute it to the Americanization.

    • Yes. That certainly did spoil it. A lot of people are complaining about that. I guess I’m also a sucker for any romcoms lol

  2. I watched it and it was….meh.

    Probably because of the over Americanization.

  3. Yeah. The over Americanization certainly contributed to it not being as successful as it could have been. I hope other producers learn from this.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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