The way I’m so excited to be writing today’s post! One would think I’ve had a few drinks already lol! Our topic of the day is “drinks”. Of course I automatically thought of the alcoholic kind. (Like why would anyone refer to orange juice as a “drink”? I’m not THAT much of a drinker but I am partial to a few tipples here and there 😆  That said, today I am going to tell you about my favourite draaanks! 


Perfection in a glass😋

If ever you invite me out for drinks, 80% of the time I’m going to order a cosmo. This is literally my favourite cocktail ever. I love how nice and refreshing it is. It’s sweet but not too sweet like a daiquiri. That vodka and cranberry combo is just heavenly!

Southern Comfort 

Wanted dead or alive

If we go out for drinks and I don’t order a cosmo, my next go to drink is going to be Soco and Sprite. I love it! A couple of my friends and I refer to it as mukoma (brother) Soco because it deserves such respect! Soco has seen us through so many adventures and shenanigans! However, I’ve only had the Lime Soco and the Original one. I’m dying to get my hands on the Cherry and the Caramel ones. If anyone knows where I can get these, please do advise!


There really is nothing better than a nice, cold yummy mojito on a hot summer’s day! I don’t order this as much as I’d like to because many places don’t get this drink right, well at least not the way I like it. The best Mojitos I have had so far are from Garfunkels Borrowdale (ex Millers) and Mojo’s in Avondale.

Blow Job

When we’ve moved from the drinks-drinks and decided to start on the shooters and shots, my go-to shooter is the blow job. I would want to say more about this but I have relatives who read this blog so I’m not going to say what I want to say  😆  😆  The coffee liqueur and Amarula/Baileys combo can have me downing several of these. It’s ok though because it’s not in the least bit potent.

Icon – Goji berry & Dragonfruit
Yummy but potent!

If you claim to be a vodka lover and you don’t know Icon, then I really don’t know what you have been doing with your life. I really don’t. This tastes absolutely gorgeous BUT don’t down too many of these shots because you WILL get drunk very quickly. This you definitely need a bottle of in your liquor collection. A firm fave of mine.



What are your favourite drinks?

If you want to try out some of my favourites, go to my Pinterest page here and look for the Tipples board. There you will find the recipes to these and more! Enjoy!


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  2. Great post

    Mojito is my fave of all time, I’m also gonna have a look on your Pinterest for Christmas drinks when the fam come round. Thank you in advance.

    Haven’t had southern comfort in a while…
    *Thinks of buying some next week to enjoy for next weekend* lol

    Ci xx

  3. Draaaaaaank!!!
    hey deja vu how many people used the word draaaanks in their posts lol
    Cheeers to thee festive spirit!!!

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