Hey everyone! I hope everyone is fine and dandy. It’s been a minute. I had exams and then after that I dove head first into a crazy work schedule. However, I’m fighting to carve out some time for blogging. So, there’s currently a blogging challenge underway. It’s basically a celebration of the year 2018 and bloggers are to write a post that highlights their favourite things of the year in a given category. The challenge is running for 25 days (1 December 2018 to Christmas Day). Due to my unprecedented busy schedule, I will not be fully taking part. I will however, drop posts here and there where I can. Follow the hash tags #BOTY2018 (Best Of The Year 2018) and #BlogIndaba on social media to keep up with all the wonderful posts from various content creators. Enjoy!


Today we are to write about a song that we found interesting in 2018. Being a music lover, I could literally write pages and pages about all the songs that had one meaning or the other for me this year. For some reason, Davido’s Assurance popped into my head first.

I’m not even that much of a Davido fan. I probably like at most, a handful of his songs. But I like Assurance a bit more than the rest. I like the chorus lyrics. They got me thinking that assurance is what most of us really want in a relationship. You don’t want to waste productive hours worrying and wondering what your person is up to. What is he/she doing? With whom? Where? Why? You want to be assured that, even though you know there will always be someone prettier, someone more intelligent, someone more fun, someone with more money, he or she will always forego all of that just for you. As the lyrics go:

She say give me assurance
I give my baby assurance
I give my baby lifetime insurance

Lifetime insurance! Who doesn’t want that? I for one definitely want that. I’m sooo past the age of dating people just for fun (not that I’ve done much of that but that’s a story for another day  😉 ), I want that lifetime insurance and I know I’m not the only one! I also like that he featured his real life girlfriend, Chioma, in the video for this song.

Which are your favourite 2018 songs and why?

P.S. Every time I listen to this song, I end up with that line “…biggie biggie, heavy heavy, baby do you want me?” stuck in my head for days on end  😡

P.P.S. I can’t be only one who used to hear “I am looking for racist” when Davido sings “I am looking for a sister”…am I? I am? Ok…bye!

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