I’ve FINALLY finished reading Gabrielle Union’s ‘We’re Going To Need More Wine’. I bought this book in February and really wanted to finish it in like a week or so but school got in the way. (Go to Law School they said, it will be fun they said…LIARS!) Anyway, back to the book.ย 

I had never really been much of a Gabrielle Union fan. I mean knew who she was and could name maybe one or two movies she had been in but that was it. I started to like and take more notice of her when I began watching Being Mary Jane which has found a spot on my favourite TV Shows list. As a single, ambitious, somewhat successful (although the Zimbabwean economy is threatening to take this away from me), black woman, I found Being Mary Jane very very relatable.ย  I was therefore quite excited to discover that Gabrielle had a book out! I really wanted to read about who she was and if her life was anything like Mary Jane Paul’s.

I like this autobiography because Gabrielle tells us about her high points and her lowest points. She openly shares her flaws and how she is trying to be a better person. Each chapter is like a new little story through which she shares with us her life experiences. She manages to make you laugh whilst tackling serious issues such as sexism, ageism and racism.

I don’t want to drop any spoilers. All in all,ย  We’re Going To Need More Wine is a great book which makes one feel that they are not the only one to go through certain things in life. It makes you realise that each one of us has a unique story. It reminds us that we should always be kind to one another as we don’t know what the other person may be going through. It’s one of those books where when you’ve finished reading it you put it down and look at yourself in the mirror, smile and go “You know what, I’m ok ๐Ÿ˜Š”.

I definitely recommend you get your hands on this book. You won’t regret it!

P.S. I read the entire book in her voice. Lol!

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