Someone on these internet streets once said something like “If you want to succeed, find your tribe and success will follow”. I think this is one hundred percent true. You need to surround yourself with those who appreciate what it is you are doing. You need those people who will be your hype-men. Blogging is no exception. As a blogger, support and feedback from other bloggers plays a big part in your success. They will tell you how to improve your blog. They help market your blog by sharing and spreading your work far and wide. I belong to a bloggers circle of crazy (they are actually insane 😂 😂) and talented writers called Blog Indaba. We decided that randomly hyping each other’s work was not enough. We are taking it up a notch and crushing on a different blogger every Wednesday. You can also participate by following the hashtag #BlogIndabaWednesday on social media.

Our November 2018 #BlogIndabaWednesday “crushees”. Do take the time to go through their blogs and leave comments.

The idea is for us (and you, our beloved readers) to read as much of that weeks blogger’s work so that come Wednesday, we can tell them what it is we love about their blog and what our favourite posts are. If you are a blogger and would like to be part of this great initiative, do DM me on Twitter (handle is @LifeWithDimples).

I’ve been and still am swamped with exams hence why I wasn’t able to do a post on last weeks “crushee”. I am however, combining it with this weeks “crushee”.



Our first ever #BlogIndabaWednesday crush was Nobuhle Belinda. Her blog is called EthneticMe. Two things I absolutely love about Nobuhle’s blog. Firstly, its nice, crisp and clean appearance. One thing that puts me off some blogs is that they are cluttered and you can’t tell what’s what. EthneticMe is visually the kind of blog that would make me want to explore and read more. The second thing I love is the fact that she usually uses pictures of herself on her posts. That gives it such a personal touch. She has really made the blog hers. You feel as if you are connecting with her somehow every time you read a post because you can see her right there in front of you. Nobuhle is also a great story writer. My favourite short story on her blog is A Boy Can Dream. I won’t tell you what it’s about. Click here to read it😉.


Leo Muzivoreva


This week’s #BlogIndabaWednesday crush is Leo Muzivoreva and you can find his blog on Going through Leo’s blog, I feel like he’d be that friend you would sit down and have drinks with whilst discussing all these deep intricacies of life. His posts can be very philosophical and will leave you really thinking about what he was saying. My favourite thing about this blog is that you can tell he actually does research for his posts as he has real facts in there. I can guarantee you, after reading Leo’s blog, you will walk away having learnt something new.



Watch out for next week’s crush which is errrrm yours truly!😊 In the meantime, do go through Nobuhle and Leo’s blogs as I know you will definitely find something you relate to there. Ciao! 


  1. Heeeeeey lets make the circles bigger Show dem!!!! oh great now I have succeeded in getting rid of the song stuck in my head by replacing it with another ….

    Starts stalking your blog in preparation for next week

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