Dear fellow Zimbabweans

On the 31st of July 2018, election day will have gone and we will be back to our “normal” lives. Results will be announced sooner or later. Positive change may or may not come after that. Most of us will probably go back to complaining about how life is hard in Zimbabwe and how we wish a,b,c would change. We will complain about how politicians screw us over daily and how we wish they would change. Whilst I completely agree that yes, politicians in this country should be held accountable for each and every thing they do (or not do), I feel that to a certain extent, we as citizens should also be the change we want to see in our country.

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Be the change you want to see in Zimbabwe

I absolutely agree that if we had politicians that genuinely cared about us, the Zimbabwean people and our country, we would definitely have regained our status as the bread-basket of Africa. I in no way want to exonerate them of any of their responsibilities. We must continue pressing forward so that they work for the good of this country or leave if they can’t or won’t do exactly that. However, I think as ordinary citizens, we also need to make some changes to how we have been behaving as a people. We have  been following closely in these          politicians’ footsteps as far as corruption and general bad behaviour is concerned.

There are many little things that we can do to make the lives of our fellow Zimbabweans just a little bit better. Let’s talk about driving for example. Zimbabweans. What has gotten into us? We are driving like we’re demon possessed! It’s not just the combis and the mshika-shikas. It is all of us. What really is going on? This can’t be who we are. Let us follow the rules of the road and be considerate towards other road users please. It’s really not that hard. None of us is more important than the other. If you need to be somewhere early, plan for it so you don’t inconvenience others on the roads.

How many of us have willingly given the police (when they were still on the roads) $5 just to get out of a ticket? How many of us have jumped queues in banks because we know someone there? Business owners, do you really have ethical business practices? Do you pay your taxes?  Do you pay your employees what is due to them? Homeowners, do you pay your rates? Parents, how many of you succumb to engaging in corruption so you can secure a place for your children at the school of your choice? Those who work in retail. How many of you steal things from your employers? How any of us in influential positions hire people we know are not qualified for the job just because they are our relatives or friends’ children? How many of us throw litter from our moving cars? Do you never stop think that you are making the city dirty? The fact that there are people employed to clean the city is not an excuse. Help to keep our cities and country clean by not littering!

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Make Zimbabwe Great Again

I understand that, because of our economy, people are sometimes “forced” to engage in some of these nefarious activities. But if we continue to give excuses, where will it end? We need to stand up and take control of our society. We need to get rid of this “anything goes” attitude. Tomorrow we could wake up with the best leaders in Zimbabwe but if we, the people do not arrest this downward spiral we are on as a society, that change may not help us at all. Let us keep ubuntu alive. Just helping each other in whatever way we can. There will always be those less privileged than ourselves. Assisting our fellow country men whenever we can will always go a long way.

There so many other little things we can do at individual and society level, just to make our country better. Let us all strive to be the change we want to see in this beautiful country of ours. It can be done. It should be done. It must be done.

Make Zimbabwe Great Again!


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