Let me start off by saying I love superhero movies. The fact that I am a couple of years shy of being four decades old is irrelevant. I will be watching superhero movies until the day I die! 😁 Right. Now that we have that out the way, I recently went to watch Aquaman. To be honest, I really wasn’t expecting to be wowed, because this is after all, a DC Comics movie. In my humble opinion, DC has absolutely nothing on Marvel (except on Venom. Marvel, what the heck was that?? 😒 That was so bad it was actually funny). DC really have to pull their socks way up if they want to remain relevant as far as movies are concerned. I mean I literally almost fell asleep when I went to watch Justice League. That was painful to watch. Painful!

Anyway. Back to Aquaman. I will be very honest. I think the only reason I was eager to watch Aquaman is because of Jason Momoa (surprise surprise). Any excuse to sit and gawk at him for two hours will do 😍. The story itself is quite predictable. Arthur (Jason Momoa) is the son of a human man and an Atlantian queen (Nicole Kidman). He is the rightful heir to the throne. However, his brother wants the throne. They fight. Arthur wins. Happy days. Oh. There’s a girl somewhere in the mix who ends up with Arthur.

The final trailer for Aquaman

The acting is meh. The graphics are so-so. The person who was in charge of the music for this movie though…wow. The music for the different scenes was terrible! I don’t know how he/she/they picked out the music they did and thought it went well with whatever was going on in a particular scene.

Overall, there’s nothing really spectacular about this movie. It’s actually a bit on the underwhelming side. They did well to cast Jason as Aquaman because to be honest, for me, that was the highlight of the movie. Even the parts that you could tell were supposed  to bring out some sort of emotion from you, didn’t quite hit the spot for me.  Actually, the only time I felt some sort of emotion was when Mera destroyed a room full of wine. That was tragic. I felt that. I hope that wasn’t real wine. No alcohol deserves to be disrespected like that!

So. My fellow comic hero lovers. Have you watched Aquaman yet? What did you think about it?


  1. I was there for the abs 😂 and cried when Mera desecrated the sacred wine. I literally screamed, “Noooooo” when she did that.
    I found the graphics great! Especially the underwater scenes.
    What I enjoyed most about this movie was the fact that it didn’t take itself too seriously like previous DC movies (side eyes Batman V Superman)

  2. That movie was MEH! Weak and predictable storyline. Action sequences that seemed to imitate many marvel movies ones. Cringe worthy dialogue. The graphics were passable and probably the only saving grace. By the time it finished I wasn’t remotely stoked or psyched for the next instalment in the DC universe. They rather should have given me all that wine to drink instead. Ergo MEH!

    Jason Momoa was 101% eye candy though I feel like they underutilized him with that shoddy script.

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